Entering the Gospel Scene Group

Entering the Gospel Scene Group


Spiritual Director: Anne Dobbs (click name to email)
Second Monday of Each Month, September 9 - May 11 from 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Venue:  8 Foxhall Close, Nashville, TN 37215

The group will read through a Gospel scene 3 times; between each reading, Anne will lead you into a Gospel scene through your senses and imagination. The goal is to encounter Jesus and to be with Him. Entering into the scene offers you an opportunity to ask Jesus questions, to listen to what He wants to say to you, and to simply enjoy being in His Presence.

Whatever is happening in your real life is welcomed as part of the time with Jesus.  

After the guided readings, you will spend 30 minutes alone in silence in a private room where you will continue to pray with the scene and allow it to unfold. There will be 10 minutes for journaling about the time and then we will return to the group for a time of sharing.

Payment is required if a person misses the group. Commitment to being present each month, when possible, is very valuable to the group.

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